Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

The need for a standalone Okular Package for Windows

"The Portable Document Format (PDF)" is the most dominant format to publish documents  in the internet. Thats a fact of life. You can like the format or not, a decent PDF reader is a requirement for most PC users worldwide.

Now with Windows as the predominant Operating System for end users we need Free Software PDF readers for Windows to beat the proprietary Software solutions (Adobe).

Here comes Okular. Okular is the best PDF/document reader that I personally know. Proprietary, Free Software,.. does not matter. Okular is the best in the field.

The Problem: Okular is currently only available for Windows if you either build it from source or use the KDE-Windows installer. And while the KDE-Windows installer is an amazing tool it is not a piece of Software that I would feel comfortable to recommend to my sister who is used to only standard "Windows" procedures. Meaning: Download an Installer -> Double click it -> Click on Next a bunch of times -> Be happy.

The Solution:
  • Provide an Okular installer that is usable for the dumbest possible user
  • Make it integrate smoothly with Windows
  • Fulfill Windows user expectations
With my experience in the KDE-Windows Project and the Kontact for Windows packaging I believe that such an achivement could be possible with reasonable effort. Bringing Freedom to thousands of Windows users and extending the userbase of Okular by an order of magnitude.

While Windows users are not notorious to be a contributing bunch they are used to spending money for their Software. With my project I hope to raise donations to Okular and the KDE e.V. utilizing micropayment solutions like flattr and putting the installer in the Windows 8 App Store, while also offering it as a standalone installer with prominent advertising to the Join the Game effort. Maybe I'll even patch in some donate buttons into Okular itself to raise further awareness that while Free Software allows you all the freedom, developers also have to eat. :)

So wish me luck and endurance on my journey, stay tuned for updates on my project.

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